Preferred has been an expert in home care for nearly 30 years, and we feel as though it is our responsibility to assist our patients’ families with any healthcare need. We provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with on-call staff from our Case Managers, DME Technicians, Respiratory Therapists, and Nurses. We strive to make a difference by improving the lives of the clients and families we serve by providing the highest quality of care.

Our Way

Our full spectrum of services allows us to provide amazing continuity of care by offering Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies and Nursing under one umbrella. Our way and mission is to provide care with dignity and respect for the best quality of life at the most cost effective rate for all of our patients.

Our Heart

Our patients, caregivers, and staff are cared for in a loving and compassionate family environment. Our Heart is dedicated to providing quality patient and family centered care in the safety and familiar surroundings of their home. We specialize in guiding patients through the transition from hospital to home care. Preferred focuses on each patient’s individual healthcare needs, including their safety, environment, and social support system.

Our Heart beats to ensure high acuity home care services are offered through our honesty and integrity care model.

Our Pledge

We are committed to the provision of home care education in order to improve patient outcomes by collaborating with patients, caregivers, staff members, and the community. Services from Preferred are provided with detailed training specific to the needs identified during the initial and ongoing assessments.

Our pledge to our community is to deliver compassionate care and excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to every patient!

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Preferred Patient Spotlight

Meet Emery Jones

Preferred Pediatric Home Health provides Emery’s equipment, medications, oxygen, medical supplies and nursing. We chose Preferred Pediatric Home Health because you can get everything you need all in one place. You don’t have to deal with a lot of different companies, instead we have one company that takes care of all our at home needs. Every time I call Preferred Pediatric Home Health my questions are answered. If someone doesn’t have an answer they find out quickly. I am never waiting on hold. They are very quick and efficient. They have done some same day deliveries for us and that is very helpful as well especially with medications. Customer service is very important to me. Everyone at Preferred is helpful and kind. They listen to understand your needs, not just to reply. They are quick and efficient. I can talk to the same people over and over again so that I don’t have to re-explain the situation every time I call. Having a medically complex child at home can be stressful, but Preferred Home Health has made the transition smooth for us. They take care of our needs. We get all the things we need for Emery’s health in a timely manner and they are always available to answer questions and they are quick to act when we need something.

Emery was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. She underwent open heart surgery at 12 weeks old and came out of surgery on ECMO life-support. For 2 months Emery laid in her hospital bed with a breathing tube. Around that time it became apparent that Emery would need to get a trach so she could stay on the ventilator for a longer period. In January 2016 Emery had a trach and g-tube placed. After this surgery she was able to wake up and start being held and work on her development. Emery spent 4 months in the PICU at OU Children’s Hospital. In March she was well enough to leave the PICU, but still wasn’t well enough to come home. She was transferred to The Childrens Rehabilitation hospital in Bethany, Oklahoma where she learned to eat again. She was also successfully weaned from the ventilator. She learned to sit, put weight on her legs and many other things that children her age are typically doing. After 8 months Emery was finally ready to come home. Emery came home on November 8, 2016. She has a trach and g-tube, still requires medications, and other medical supplies. Since being home Emery is army crawling, eating everything by mouth and she’s looking at getting her trach out this coming spring. Being in a hospital we were very well taken care of. We did have a DME company for therapeutic leave that was always late and forgetting supplies though. That was frustrating for us because we had very little time at home with her and we’d have to wait for them to deliver the correct supplies. Preferred has done very well respecting our time. Preferred takes a lot of the stress of having a medically complex child at home away. They deliver the supplies to your door and if you have any questions you can call and your questions are answered. I feel at ease and I don’t worry about the things we need because they are being taken care of. Our first nurse was very highly trained and professional as well.

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