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Our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Supply departments are filled with a knowledgeable and friendly team of technicians, clerks, nurses, and respiratory therapists that are here to meet all of our patients’ equipment and supply needs. We provide each family with patient-specific training, and we are on-call 24/7 in case of any needs that would arise.

We carry a full line of medical equipment including, but not limited to:

  • CPAPs
  • BiPaps
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Feeding pumps
  • Suction machines
  • Hospital beds
  • Standard wheelchairs
  • Pressure prevention products

We primarily use the Drive Medical/DeVilbiss Healthcare product line, a leader in quality, durability, and affordability. But we also have access to a wide variety of manufacturers in order to provide our patients with the best equipment options.

For our patients’ convenience, all supplies are reordered and delivered to the home once a month. One of our friendly clerks will call to confirm which supplies are needed for the month. The supplies are then drop shipped directly from our distributor straight to the front door. This allows our patient families to receive their monthly supplies without having to leave the house or worry about running out.

From the doctor’s office to the insurance company, our staff is trained to communicate effectively and efficiently with the patient’s full medical team. Preferred’s knowledgeable clinical staff works with the doctors to ensure that orders are up-to-date and that all needed equipment and supplies are received. Our authorization clerks work behind the scenes to ensure the items we provide are covered by the patient’s insurance policy. We aim to do all of the work so that our patients’ families don’t have to worry about their child’s care.

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Preferred Patient Spotlight

Meet Noah Ranson

When Noah was born we thought everything was normal but when he was a little over a month old we noticed that he did not do things that a normal one month old would do, like kick his feet or move his hands. We took him to his doctor and she ran a few tests and told us she wanted him to see a specialty doctor. So he was 2 months old and we got into see a Neurologist who ran lots of tests and it came back that Noah had “SMA” Spinal muscular atrophy. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement.

Most of the nerve cells that control muscles are located in the spinal cord, which accounts for the word spinal in the name of the disease. SMA is muscular because its primary effect is on muscles. He was 5 months old when he stopped eating so they put his feeding tube in. At 7 months old he got the Flu and we almost lost him. That is when he got his trach and was put on the vent. Everyday is hard, he is not like a normal child. He cannot eat on his own. He cannot breath on his own. He depends on someone for all of his care everyday. We first heard about Preferred when Noah got his feeding pump at the hospital, they told us that Preferred would be taking care of it. We get all of Noah’s DME and Nursing from Preferred. Preferred has been good to my family and I, everyone seems to care about us. And I love my private-duty nurse, she is great. Preferred has been great to Noah and my family and for that I say, thank you, Preferred.

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